Salient Features

  1. Fully distributed transaction processing node, scale-out by adding resources indefinitely!
  2. Zero-confirmation Transaction Input (ZTXI) - parallel algorithm allows chained transaction validation in logarithmic time.
  3. ZTXI applies to (i) candidate-block (ii) block under validation (iii) even validating dependent transactions across blocks (hence the term - parallel block processing). The term 'Zero-conf' is used in a wider context, as all 3 scenarios are technically zero-conf from the node's perspective!
  4. Unlimited chained transactions - can validate tx-chain in logarithmic time! no limitations or susceptibility to attacks.
  5. Parallel Chain (different forks) processing.
  6. Parallel Block processing.
  7. Parallel Transaction processing.
  8. Parallel Tx-Output processing.
  9. Virtually instantaneous chain-orgs, no additional processing required to accommodate chain re-organizations.
  10. Sharding done right: ensures low cross-shard communication (storage and compute nodes), and is thus a "true scale-out" solution, i.e. provides linear or near-linear increase in performance.
  11. No defacto 'mempool', only a DAG of outputs.
  12. Parallel candidate block construction on different forks.
  13. High performance computing using compute cluster and sharded distributed cache/data-store; in other words highly scalable commodity supercomputing.
  14. Parallel block-propagation protocol, using Ultra Compression, hundreds of times faster and efficient than the currently used BIP-152 (Compact blocks), without the downsides of fully stateful protocols like IBS. UC also helps scale-out Master node, without which the cluster would face a scaling limit.
  15. Highly specialized Tx processing node, only operates as a pruned node, its forte - managing extremely large UTXO sets, orders of magnitude larger than current implementations.
  16. The job of indexing and serving block-chain data is left to the Nexa which is purpose built for this.

Cluster Topologies

Xoken Vega - Distributed Tx-processing Node
Integrated Compute & Cache/DB shards

Xoken Vega - Distributed Tx-processing Node
Distinct Compute cluster & Cache/DB shards

Xoken Vega - Dist. Tx-processing Node ( Multi Master)