Xoken Vega – Bitcoin Tx. processing HPC cluster

Xoken Vega - Bitcoin Tx. processing HPC cluster
Releasing Q1/2021

Salient Features

  1. High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster architecture, with a high performance interconnect - Fabric which leverages specialized hardware.
  2. Fully distributed transaction processing cluster, scale-out by adding more nodes.
  3. Zero-confirmation Transaction Input (ZTXI) - parallel algorithm allows chained transaction validation in logarithmic time.
  4. ZTXI applies to (i) candidate-block (ii) block under validation (iii) even validating dependent transactions across blocks (hence the term - parallel block processing).
  5. Potentially Unlimited chained transactions - can validate tx-chain in logarithmic time! Configurable Limits many orders of magnitude higher (prevent DoS attacks).
  6. Massively parallel transaction processing - Parallel Fork/ Block/ Transaction processing.
  7. Virtually instantaneous chain-reorgs, no additional processing required to accommodate the chain re-organizations.
  8. Sharding done right: ensures low cross-shard communication (storage and compute nodes), and is thus a "true scale-out" solution, i.e. provides linear or near-linear increase in performance.
  9. A highly efficient Merkle branch computation algorithm leveraging TMT (Transpose Merkle Tree) as required for mining pool software (Getminingcandidate)
  10. No defacto 'mempool', only a DAG of outputs.
  11. Parallel candidate block construction on different forks.
  12. HPC cluster comprising of 'compute' nodes and cache/data-store nodes.
  13. Parallel block-propagation protocol, using Ultra Compression, hundreds of times faster and efficient than the currently used BIP-152 (Compact blocks), without the downsides of fully stateful protocols like IBS. UC also helps scale-out Master node, without which the cluster would face a scaling limit.
  14. Highly specialized Tx processing node, exclusively operates in pruning mode, its forte - managing extremely large UTXO sets, many orders of magnitude larger than current implementations.
  15. The Nexa's forte is indexing and serving block-chain data and it complements Vega well, they are specialized purpose built to excel in their respective domains.
  16. Only miners need to host Vega, and non-miner's needs will be met with Nexa.
  17. The entire software is written from scratch in Haskell (a purely functional programming language) and does not borrow any code from the existing bitcoind client.
  18. The Vega node will include advanced analytics with exclusive logins/dashboard for miners & enterprise customers.
  19. Advanced controls to configure contracts with peer miners and enterprises. (tx-sharing, block propagation technologies, etc.)
  20. Certain core modules will be open sourced, but the Vega node itself will be available under a commercial enterprise license for the Mainnet. And a free download will be available for the testnet/ regtest.

Cluster Topologies

Xoken Vega - Distributed Tx-processing Node
Integrated Compute & Cache/DB shards

Xoken Vega - Distributed Tx-processing Node
Distinct Compute cluster & Cache/DB shards

Xoken Vega - Dist. Tx-processing Node ( Multi Master)