Xoken Nexa

The Xoken Nexa node indexes & serves the Bitcoin SV blockchain with high efficiency and unlimited scale. Nexa's forte is its ability to serve SPV proofs trivially & efficiently even as blocks grow many orders of magnitude larger.

As a network gateway it is bilingual & operates at the edge of the Bitcoin P2P and Xoken P2P overlay networks. The Nexa node is self-sufficient & does not require bitcoind alongside it.

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Salient Features

Learn more about its scaling abilities, high efficiency & more.

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Getting Started

Learn how to install, configure and run a fresh instance of Xoken Nexa node.

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Applications can access the distributed Nexa nodes on the open network via HTTPS, TLS & the secure/private Arivi P2P protocol suite. It offers a comprehensive & intuitive API that supports REST/Json, Json-RPC & CBOR(binary) encodings.

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