Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is the software from Xoken free of charge?
Yes, there is absolutely no software licensing fees involved, all software developed by Xoken will always be free to use without charge.

2) What is Xoken?
Xoken is an organization that develops cutting edge Bitcoin(SV) software, also it is an open P2P network ecosystem. Anyone is welcome to download and run software from Xoken, and participate in the open Xoken ecosystem, even those with commercial interests.

3) Is it fully open source ? Which open source license is it released under?
Our software is and always will be fully open source. The software is currently being released under Open BSV License.

4) Why is most of the source code in Haskell?
Haskell is an exceptionally good programming language. It is a purely functional programming language & offers many safety features like static types, purity, memory safety. etc. It is perfect for building robust & efficient blockchain software. It thrives within an esoteric community, but the good news is that developers do not need to know Haskell to build or integrate their applications with Xoken software.

5) Where can I find the product road-map?
Our product road-map is not published yet, we intend to do so in the coming weeks. But you can expect Allegory/AllPay implementation, both server infrastructure & a powerful integrated wallet client in the coming months.

6) Why CBOR encoding?
CBOR is an compact & efficient binary encoding format, it has many advantages to JSON (see here). It is perfect for handling large blobs of binary data that the Bitcoin SV blockchain attracts. To make it easy for new developers we've published a sample Python client implementation that demonstrates all the Nexa APIs.

7) Is Xoken Nexa a mining node?
No, Nexa is an "index and serve" utility node, although it does much of what bitcoind does, validating blocks, discerning canonical chain, limited validation of transactions / UTxOs etc.