Functional Programming Engineer – Xoken Labs

Functional Programming Engineer – Haskell / Scala/ Clojure / Elixir – Xoken Labs

About Xoken Labs:

Xoken Labs is a blockchain research & development company based in Bengaluru. We develop innovative, internet-scale, next-generation open protocols & solutions.

Opening: Functional Programming Engineer - Haskell / Scala/ Clojure / Elixir

Responsibilities include working on highly concurrent server side applications, efficient algorithms, data structures, graph database interfaces, network protocols and core libraries related to distributed computing.

Our criteria:
  1. Strong engineering background, from a reputed university with bachelors/masters/doctorate degree in computer science or mathematics
  2. Maverick programmer, with a mindset to embrace open source technology stacks.
  3. A good team player
  4. Ability to thrive in a fast-changing environment with dynamic objectives
  5. Emotional intelligence and the consideration of your teammates
  6. Reflection and continuous self-improvement
  7. Adaptive, willing to learn, teach, lead, and follow
  8. Not afraid of long hours when necessary
  9. Able to handle stress well and maintain a positive attitude
  1. Fluent in functional programming language/s - Haskell / Scala / Clojure / Elixir / other..
  2. Adept on Linux and other open-source technologies/platforms
  3. Not the slightest averse to learning & mastering new programming languages / concepts
  4. Interest in mathematics, code elegance & cryptographic primitives / libraries
  5. Experience analyzing data structures and algorithms
  6. Experience with advanced concepts of functional programming
  7. Ability to analyze security on large scale systems, designing, working with, and scaling distributed systems
  8. Knowledge of troubleshooting, concurrency, synchronization, common IPC/RPC methods and patterns, messaging systems & patterns, solid OS/networking fundamentals