Introduction to Blockchain: Consensus Algorithms – Part 1

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Why use blockchains? This question can be best answered by taking a look at the history of government. A lot of the same principles that apply to democracy, also apply to blockchains. Democracy was founded on the basis that power belongs to the people, and blockchains achieve a similar decentralization. The pillars of democracy that many of us experience every day, has not yet transferred over to technology. What is DLT? DLT stands for Distributed Ledger Technology and is one of the largest technological advancements of our time. A distributed ledger is just a database that is spread over multiple sites. This allows for more consistent uptime and the elimination for a centralized power. A blockchain is a type of distributed ledger. How does a blockchain work? The word blockchain is pretty self-explanatory. In the most literal sense, blocks are added to a chain. The addition of every following block, makes it harder to alter the original block (in order to get back to the original, every block after it would need to be removed). Each block is composed of a group of transactions that is bundled together by a node. The way that the node does this, is by […]