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Please answer the below to your best abilities, besides the correctness of the answer, your approach to solving matters.

    What is 'pi' , its value and definition? (Required)

    Succinctly explain Nash equilibrium, and Merkle root. (Required)

    Why do cars have steering wheels and not handlebars? (Required)

    Write a program (language of your choice) which simulate a Tusi couple, having two circles with radius 'x' and '2x', such that it accepts an input parameter Point (see RGB points in fig) on the chord of the inner circle the path traced are returned as a list of coordinates. (Required)

    Explain in detail the flow of events/protocol/message-exchanges/etc. that happen behind the scenes when you open via a web browser. (Required)

    Write a function in Python to convert a Private key (Ed25519 curve) to 24 word mnemonic, based on the BIP39 standard. Write it in Haskell for bonus points. (Required)

    We would like to know if you've done any contributions to opensource project. share your github (or equivalent) link. And find a way to prove to us the github handle indeed belongs to you. (Required)

    Please provide the following details