Xoken Arch

Xoken Arch

Xoken Arch is a stand-alone network gateway that enables applications lacking a native Arivi-P2P library to access the Xoken P2P overlay network.  Currently the Arivi P2P implementations are limited to Haskell, and hence the alternative solution to make the Xoken P2P n/w more accessible. We do have other popular language implemetations in the road-map, especially for Java.

The Arch is very light weight & flexible deployment choices are available as shown below.

Desktop - In this deployment scenario the Arch process is deployed co-located to the application , typically as a background service / process interoperable via IPC, and it acts as a simple TCP endpoint (length prefix messages).

Server - An externally hosted gateway, with TLS support for security, and capable of handling much larger demand from thousands of remote clients. Perfect for phone-apps & web-apps to access the Xoken P2P network in the interim. Besides, some applications could prefer this approach even when native libraries are made available.

Getting Started

Learn how to install, configure and run an instance of Xoken Arch P2P gateway.

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