The Xoken Nexa node indexes & serves the Bitcoin SV blockchain with high efficiency and unlimited scale. Nexa's forte is its ability to serve SPV proofs trivially & efficiently even when blocks grow many orders of magnitude larger.
As a network gateway it is bilingual & operates at the edge of the Bitcoin P2P and Xoken P2P overlay networks. The Nexa node is self-sufficient & does not require bitcoind co-hosting.

General purpose open-source publicly accessible distributed network of 'utility nodes', that anyone can run
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Applications can access the distributed Nexa nodes on the open network via the secure & private Arivi P2P protocol suite. It offers an intuitive API that caters to common use-cases & supports binary (CBOR) encoding.

Why Xoken Nexa?
Arivi P2P

Arivi P2P is a comprehensive P2P suite to solve Layer-0 challenges. It integrates Secure Network Protocol, Distributed Hash Table (Kademlia) & key P2P features rolled into a single library that essentially allows clients/nodes to form the distributed & permissionless Xoken network.

It supports Multiplexing, Pub-Sub, Key-exchange (ECDH, perfect forward secrecy), Authentication (AEAD, Poly1305), Encryption (AEAD, ChaCha20), Framing & Chunking (fragment and reassemble). Think SSH/SCP on steroids.

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Allegory & AllPay

Allegory/AllPay is a breakthrough solution to the distributed namespace allocation problem. Additionally light clients (SPV) can trivially verify the name authenticity. It achieves name uniqueness without the slightest change to the Bitcoin protocol. Thus it strongly aligns with Bitcoin's permission-less model & economic security underpinnings.

Its forte is Self-Sovereign identities, On-Chain data & Simplified Name Verification, an SPV equivalent for names. The future of digital identities is undeniably the self-sovereign model, as it restores full ownership & control to the user; while federated models are limited to trusting/relying on 3rd parties.

AllPay allows provably correct payment destination addresses, which offer highest security & privacy for its user, while adhering to the trust less nature of Bitcoin (layer-1). Unwieldy Bitcoin addresses can be a thing of the past.
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